danperry (danperry) wrote,

Bucharest in August 1980

photo Buc1.jpg
Bld. Magheru (today Bratianu bld.)
What a sparse traffic !!!

photo Buc2-1980.jpg
Bld. 6 Martie

photo CaleaVictoriei.jpg
Calea Victoriei

photo Capitol.jpg
Capitol hotel

photo CasaArmatei-6Martie-Amos.jpg
Bld. 6 Martie (today Queen Elisabeth bld.)

photo Ceasul-Amos.jpg
Intercontinental hotel in the heart of the town

photo CimitirulEvreescFilantropia-01.jpg
The jewish cemetry Filantropia, where my grandparents are buried

photo CimitirulEvreescFilantropia-02.jpg
The jewish cemetry Filantropia

photo KeverItzicSofia1980.jpg
My, by my grandparents headstone

photo GaraDeNord-Bucuresti.jpg
The northern train station - Gara de nord

photo Metropolia.jpg
The Chamber of the Deputies and the the Patriarchal Cathedral on Metropolitanate hill

photo PalatulRegal-AmosFridman.jpg
The regal palace square, in the right the palace

photo ParcLibertatii1.jpg
The Liberty square - Piata Libertatii

photo ParculCarol-01.jpg
Liberty Park (today King Carol Park)

photo ParculCarol-02.jpg
Liberty Park and the Mausoleum

photo PiataNatiunii-1980-.jpg
Piata Unirii

photo z0-BeitHaKnesetHagadol.jpg
Choral Temple synagogue

photo z1-BeitHaknesetHagadol-02.jpg
Choral Temple synagogue

photo z2-BeitKneset.jpg
Unirea Sfinta synagogue
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