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The art of David Solot - dentist and painter
Originally posted by danperry at The art of David Solot - dentist and painter - part 1

My uncle, David Solot ( 1909-1985 ) was a painter who used his dentist profesional tools - forceps and molars
in his artistic creation.
The pictures are from his paintings book by Robert Vrinat.

photo 25-2013-11-3011-01-51_0101.jpg

photo 26-2013-11-3011-21-15_0105.jpg

photo 27-2013-11-3011-27-09_0107.jpg

photo 28-2013-11-3015-25-23_0112.jpg

photo 29-2013-11-3015-28-30_0113.jpg

photo 30-2013-11-3015-32-56_0115.jpg

photo 31-2013-11-3015-49-36_0120.jpg

photo 32-2013-11-3015-39-10_0117.jpg

photo 33-2013-11-3015-43-04_0118.jpg

photo 34-2013-11-3015-52-50_0121-2.jpg

photo 35-2013-12-0116-52-38_0127.jpg
St. Apollonia is the patroness of dentistry

photo 36-2013-12-0116-59-34_0129.jpg

photo 37-2013-11-3010-52-35_0099.jpg

photo 38-2013-12-0116-33-05_0122.jpg

photo 39-2013-12-0116-56-46_0128.jpg